DIY Round Macramé Boho Costers

Every time I find some craft idea that I want to try, I can’t seem to rest until I figure out how to make it, these coasters were the perfect example of that, I had done macramé bracelets before but making a round macramé was foreign to me. After exploring the internet after ways to create it, finding some confusing posts, and making my first coaster, I decided to make a video teaching how to make one as well. This is the way that I found easiest (though there is another one that I also tested) and also got me the prettiest result.

  • 3 mm cotton cord
  • Something to hold the cords, either tape or as I used, a cork coaster or board.
  • Pins to hold if you use cork
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Ruler or measuring tape
  • Comb
The video below has all the steps explained thoroughly:

When I was taking these pictures of the finished result I realized that these also really great under vases, so as a suggestion maybe make some bit bigger if you wanna use it for this purpose.


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  2. i still don't understand where to use the long cord


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