DIY Round Macramé Boho Costers

Every time I find some craft idea that I want to try, I can’t seem to rest until I figure out how to make it, these coasters were the perfect example of that, I had done macramé bracelets before but making a round macramé was foreign to me. After exploring the internet after ways to create it, finding some confusing posts, and making my first coaster, I decided to make a video teaching how to make one as well. This is the way that I found easiest (though there is another one that I also tested) and also got me the prettiest result.

  • 3 mm cotton cord
  • Something to hold the cords, either tape or as I used, a cork coaster or board.
  • Pins to hold if you use cork
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Ruler or measuring tape
  • Comb
The video below has all the steps explained thoroughly:

When I was taking these pictures of the finished result I realized that these also really great under vases, so as a suggestion maybe make some bit bigger if you wanna use it for this purpose.


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  2. i still don't understand where to use the long cord

  3. The long cord seems to be the one that is the full spiral of the coaster. Like she showed in the beginning of her video. You may need to watch again, I believe she calls it her foundation cord.

  4. I love boho style! they are easy to make!


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