Hi, welcome, it's super nice to meet you. 😃
I'm Daniela, a twenty-something, curly-haired designer, and crafter from Portugal.

I'm always trying to squeeze a new DIY intro my free time, so you will likely catch me crafting and creating a new post/video on the weekends.

Here's how the whole blog thing started

I've always been a big fan of arts and DIY, even before I even knew the concept. When I was a kid, on summer vacations, I used to make beaded bracelets with my cousin, she came visiting every year, and we would try, emphasis on “try”, to sell them to our family members. Of course, they looked very peculiar with pink and purple animal beads along with funky neon cord and plastic clasps. Not such a great match for an everyday outfit.

When I created the blog, I was in the last year of my graphic design course and started getting some free time on my hands, I had become a regular reader of other craft blogs, so I thought creating my own to share the things I made would be a good idea. Blogging was no news to me then since I have had a blog related to a kind of dress up game and community for tweens called “Stardoll”. So on February of 2013, after deciding on the name, I created the blog and added my first posts.

After I got out of school, I started searching for design jobs, so I was unemployed for a while, of course, I could not just sit around doing nothing, I started posting twice a week for those months until I got my, still to date, full-time job as a graphic designer. From then I've been posting anytime I can, sacrificing a bit of my weekends to work on the blog.

Why Youtube?

I've been more and more into video making and youtube watching, so along the way, I decided to combine both platforms. Video lets me explain certain steps that in a picture might not come across so well.

If you want to keep updated see sneak pics of projects you can also check out my social media:
facebook.com/curlymade & instagram.com/curlymade

Thanks for stopping by. 😉
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