DIY Textbook and Notebook Covers for Back to School

Here in Portugal, school usually only starts in September, so for every kid and parent in this country, the school supplies madness is about to start. I totally understand why, I still love browsing the supplies section at the store, there's something about that brand new book smell and colorful notebook covers that grabs my attention every time.

This project actually happened as a request from my younger sister, she will be reusing some books this year and they were not very cared for previously, so she asked me if there was a way to make them pretty again. I instantly thought about some kind of cover and we ended up deciding on making them waterproof with tablecloth vinyl, it's washable and strong enough to protect the books while still being able to sew through it.

DIY Book Covers | Learn how to make waterproof covers for your textbooks and notebooks with a surprising material | Back to School DIY |  Curly Made

1- Start by making a template of your book, I taped together 3 A4 paper sheets and used that to trace the shape of the book. You’ll want to have a seam allowance of at least 1 cm at the top and bottom of the book.

2 - Fold the paper over the book to figure out the width and mark where the cover ends. From there mark how much vinyl you want to fold to the inside, I choose 8 cm. Then cut the excess paper.

3 - Trace the template onto the vinyl and cut.

4 - Flip it with the right side downwards and mark the part that is meant to fold. Use a fabric clip to hold it in place without piercing the plastic and sew the four sides.

5 - Then just place your book or notebook inside.

Thank you so much for reading.


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