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How to Make a Basic Square Knot Bracelet

This style is one of the easiest bracelets that you can make, so for those of you who don't know how or might be struggling, here's a step-by-step video showing you all the basics to create this type of friendship bracelet.

Materials used:
3 meters of nylon cord, 0,5 mm thick.

Let me know if you have any bracelet requests.

Talk to you soon,

DIY Beaded Macrame Keychains + Fiskars Unboxing

Learn how you can make these macrame keychains that are also great gifts

Olá everyone!
Macrame keychains have been hugely on-trend, and I really like the look of them.
I already made one for my car keys and I think I'll hand another on my day-to-day backpack.

Instead of using a soft cotton cord like the most common ones out there, I decided to use waxed cotton cord, you can't fray the edges on this one, but it will hold the shape much better over the usual wear and tear of being inside your bag.

I was planning on this project to have a separate video, but a Fiskars unboxing came along, and although I hate to sound "salesy" I was super excited to use their products since they are not so usual here in Portugal.

Watch the video below for the tutorial + unboxing.

DIY Reusable Mesh Grocery Bags

Mesh bags are so simple, and there's probably already a ton of posts and videos about it, but still, I wanted to try and make them my style and in a way that you can personalize it. I ended up coming with these two styles, one with a pretty trim and another (faster to make) without it.

Either one of these is perfect to use on your next grocery/produce shopping run, and you won't need any more plastic bags.

Watch the video below for the instructions.

DIY 3 Styles of Macrame Friendship Bracelets

I haven't done a bracelet video in a while and whilst brainstorming ideas for my next video I came to youtube’s community tab for insights. The vast majority of you voted for macrame friendship bracelets, so get your threads ready because here they come!

I settled on 3 styles of bracelets all of them closing with a button and using waxed cotton cords. If you want them to have a more grown-up look you can make them with a satin or nylon cord and close with crimp ends and chain. Once you get the hang of it you can make a bunch pretty quickly. Wear them yourself or share with friends, since I’m sure they will love them.

Watch the video below for the how-to.

DIY Macramé Rope Coil Vase Covers | Woven Baskets

I recently acquired this adorable fiddle leaf tree and wanted to give it and also her succulent companion a new look, so I decided to experiment with rope and stitching, there are several ways to make rope vases, some are machine sewn or hand-sewn, but this colorful wrapping technique caught my eye on Pinterest. After 4 attempts to test out the stitching, I began to make the first cover, the blue one. I picked up several tips along the way, especially regarding the tension of the cord and how tight to make the knots which is all explained in the video below.