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40 Amazing DIY Craft Ideas To Sell

A round-up of 40 DIY Craft ideas to sell on etsy or at craft fairs including Jewelry, Sewing Projects, Decor, Beauty Products, and Items for Kids  #diy #crafts #sell #etsy #ideas #curlymade

Recently I've been wonderingif I should reopen my Etsy store, for a while when I started the blog, I used to sell leather bracelets and ruffled headbands made with recycled coffee capsules. Unfortunately, I stopped adding listings to the shop since I now had a full-time job and wanted to focus my free time entirely on the blog. 

This got me thinking if I did reopen the store, what would I like to sell, what types of DIYs I think would be a good fit for Etsy or perhaps a craft fair and that's what inspired this round-up. 

I've selected 40 craft ideas that you can make and sell online or at a fair, they are divided into categories and the link to the original source of the photos and tutorial is below each one, enjoy!

DIY Round Braid Leather Friendship Bracelets

Learn How to Make a 4 Strand Round Braid and Create These Braided Leather Friendship Bracelets - Curly Made #diy #crafts #bracelets

Learn How to Make a 4 Strand Round Braid and Create These Braided Leather Friendship Bracelets - Curly Made #diy #crafts #bracelets

Hey everyone.
I think I've mentioned this before but, bracelets keep being one of my favorite crafts, along with recycling. It's such a simple thing to give as a gift and usually, they don't take that much time to make. That's actually why I learned how to make this 4 strand round braid style, a friend asked me for a leather bracelet and since I could not find something quite right, I decided to braid the cords myself.

Free Download: Printer-Friendly Weekly Planner - 2018

A couple of years ago, when I first started blogging, I released a free weekly planner sheet that was meant to be printer friendly and minimalist, since the ones I found on Pinterest and looked cute were all with colored text or boxes. This new freebie is an update to the previous one, in my opinion, I'm biased since I made it but, I think it has a better-looking design and a handy to-do section at the bottom. Same as the first one this is meant to be ink saving for your printer and I also made an A5 version, so you can also save on paper.

DIY Recycled Christmas Photo Display

Have you put up your holiday decorations yet? This recycled photo/card display is a great option if you are still looking for ideas. It will likely cost you no money if you already have tape and spray paint at home. You can make it as big as you want depending on the size of your cardboard or even with other shapes, perhaps a square for Christmas card display?

Free Printable Typography Christmas Wrapping Paper

Hi everyone, I've made several types of printables here on the blog, including Christmas Tags and a cute Printable Santa to hang on the tree, but somehow I haven't made a wrapping paper yet, even though I love wrapping presents. That's why I decided to create this one, filled with fun phrases, and motivating quotes to make sure that sneaky hands don't touch the presents until the 25th.

The files are available in A4 and A3 so you can choose the size that fits your printer.
To make it big enough to wrap my gifts I trim the excess paper from the sides and just tape 2 or 3 sheets of paper together from the inside, so the tape doesn't show.

To download this fun and free Christmas wrapping paper click the button at the end of the post.