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20 Christmas Tags to Make or Print

Christmas tags have been popping up on my feed recently, either from Pinterest or Facebook, and this reminded me that I need to print or make a set of new ones for my Christmas presents this year. I've made a printable set with cute animals before that is also linked in the round-up below, but I want to make new ones that coordinate with this years wrapping paper choices. 

The collection bellow are the ones that have caught my eye and are divided in 2 categories: make or print, the handmaid ones give a really nice personal touch and even if you're running a little late on the Christmas wrapping, the printable ones will still make your gifts look super cute.

— To Make —

DIY Gold and Copper Leaf Hexagon Gift Tags - ohsobeautifulpaper.com

Homemade Christmas Gift Tags - www.1dogwoof.com

Christmas Gift Tags with Washi Tape - www.thinkingcloset.com

Cross stitched Christmas tags - craftandcreativity.com

Rustic Cork Tags - maritzalisa.com

Gold Leaf Folded Gift Tags - www.whitehousecrafts.net

DIY Christmas Gift Tags With Scrapbook Paper Scraps
And Free Cut File - simplykellydesigns.com

DIY minimal clay gift tags - www.burkatron.com

Ugly Sweater Gift Tags Printable - www.basicinvite.com

— To Print —

Free Printable Holiday Gift Tags - www.creativeindexblog.com

Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags - www.curlymade.pt

4 free coloring holiday gift tags - www.smilingcolors.com

DIY Scandinavian Free Printable Gift Tags - www.thebeautydojo.com

Printable Wine Bottle Gift Tags - www.letsmingleblog.com

Free Printable Minimalist Gift Tags - www.thebeautydojo.com

Rustic Printable Christmas Gift Tags - www.alltheprettypaper.com

Free Scandinavian Christmas Gift Tags - www.foxandhazel.com

Watercolor Holiday Wreath Tutorial + Free Printable - thepostmansknock.com

Free Printable Holiday Gift Tags - visualheart.com

DIY Recycled Wine Cork Geometric Earrings

Upcycling wise, wine corks are one of the easiest materials to work with, they are easy to cut, lightweight and work great as jewelry pieces. I particularly like using them to make earrings, since corks are so light, the earrings made from it are super comfortable to wear all day round.

So here's how I made this recycled pair of jewelry:

DIY Super Simple "The Handmaid's Tale" Inspired Bonnet | DIY Costume

I’ve finished watching “The Handmaid’s Tale” a couple of weeks ago and remembered that I have a red cape in my closet that my grandma actually made, it was designed for a Little Red Riding Hood costume, but I thought that it would be fun to make my version of the iconic bonnets of the show and create a second costume to wear with the cape.

I found it surprisingly difficult to find a red outfit to match the shade of red on the cape, so I resigned for a basic black skirt and tights, with my beloved brogues and a sweater borrowed from sister. Not really true to character but, I think the point comes across anyway.

DIY 3 Colorful Room Decor Items

It has been a while since I've made a home decor item, and there was an empty frame on my wall that definitely needed an artwork, so this was the perfect excuse to create this set of small and colorful home items. I ended up creating the so much needed artwork for the frame and two other items: a set of coiled paper jewelry dishes and a jar photo display. These are ideal if you're decorating on a budget, all of them cost me almost zero, except for the balloons and wooden skewers, which I just picked up from the supermarket and were pretty cheap.
The step-by-step photos are all stills from the detailed video of this project and if you would rather watch moving images you can watch that below.

DIY Symmetrical Painting Notebooks | Back to School

Hi everyone, the other day I was playing around with paints and I remembered something I used to do in primary school, that was symmetrical painting, I didn't even know there was an actual name for it.

It might seem something just for kids to make, and it is, they will for sure love it, but I keep loving this technique just as much as when I was younger.

The pattern is just perfect to cover notebooks for back to school or even make wall decor out of it, so here's how I made it: