DIY Netted Stone Friendship Bracelets

As you probably realized due to my past bracelet projects, I love making all kinds of friendship bracelets, too bad I don't feel very comfortable wearing stuff around my wrists during winter, it just ends up getting stuck on the jacket's sleeves, especially if it is a big or more chunky bracelet. But still I really wanted to try the netted rock technique, and I can still wear it more when the weather gets warmer.

You will need:
Clipboard or something to hold the cords;
Waxed cotton cord;
Small Stones, I used those colorful ones for fish tanks;

Cut 2 strands with about 1 meter of cord and fold it in half.
Cut another strand with 2 meters, this is the one we will be using to wrap the whole bracelet and fold it along with the other two, leaving the excess cord all to one side.
Knot the cords together in the middle, leaving a loop big enough to fit the button through.

Clip the cords in place, grab the longer cord and wrap it around the others.
Once the bracelet reaches almost half the size of your wrist, secure the cord, by tying it around.

To make the net, divide the cords into pairs and make a knot on each of the two, close to the top.

Now separate the cords again, take one cord from one knot, another cord from the other and tie those two together.
Do the same thing again on the second pair of cords, then take the last two and tie those together as well.

Do another row of knots with the same technique, and try it to see if your stone fits, mine was not that big, so the 3 rows were enough, but just make another row or two if you have a bigger stone.

Find the longer cord again, use it to secure the strands together, and wrap it around until the length on this side of the bracelet matches the other.

Once that is enough, tie the cord around and add the button.
Cut the excess cord and your bracelet is ready!

Are you going to try these? Send a pic to my Instagram @curlymade
Talk to you soon,


  1. Oh, these are so pretty! What a lovely tutorial ♥
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  2. These look so simple even though I've never been brave enough to thread a bracelet design!

  3. Why don't you give it a try someday and tell me how it goes?

  4. Very informative tutorial Daniela! We'd like to let you know that we are also giving away free handcrafted accessories today on our blog. You might be interested to join? :)

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  7. Can you explain how to add the button? Love this project :)

    1. Ik im struggling to figure it out as well


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