DIY T-shirt Dress from Two XXL Men's T-shirts

It has been a week of vacation for me and the weather here in Portugal has been great to go to the beach, especially these last few days, we've been through a heat wave and it feels great to take a dive in the fresh ocean water.

I made this dress with that type of days in mind, it's fresh, light and easy to put on.

Since I'm a beginner sewer, I wanted to make something easy, to practice, so I grabbed two XXL t-shirts and made in an a afternoon. Since the t-shirts were for men and were so baggy on me, the fit was very loose, so I traced the pattern from one t-shirt that fit me well and used it to cut the new top piece.

I've traced my pattern so you can check it out in real size here. You can use it if you wear a size S like me, but if not, just trace the shape of one of your favorite t-shirts.

Watch the video below to see the whole process.


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