DIY Symmetrical Painting Notebooks | Back to School

Hi everyone, the other day I was playing around with paints and I remembered something I used to do in primary school, that was symmetrical painting, I didn't even know there was an actual name for it.

It might seem something just for kids to make, and it is, they will for sure love it, but I keep loving this technique just as much as when I was younger.

The pattern is just perfect to cover notebooks for back to school or even make wall decor out of it, so here's how I made it:

A3 120 g Drawing Paper Sheets | Acrylic Paint | White or Wood Glue | Paint Brush | Scissors | X-Acto Knife

Start by adding paint to only one-half of the paper, I’m using A3 drawing paper sheets that are a bit thicker than regular printer paper. Add the paint in random patterns and colors to your liking, once you think that’s enough, go ahead, fold the paper sheet in half and press it to smear the colors together, the harder and the more you press the more mixed the colors will be.

Pull the sides apart to reveal the pattern and let it dry!
I also tested other patterns when adding the paint on the orange and green ones, have fun with it and mix and match with your favorite colors

Once the paint has completely dry, you can glue it to the notebook.
I’m using wood glue with ¼ of water, to make it easier to spread, call it home made mod-podge.
To keep the pages from being covered in glue I added a sheet of paper under the cover on both the front and back of the notebook.
Use a paintbrush to spread an even coating and glue the artwork to the notebook cover.
Once it is dry you can use an X-Acto knife or a scissor to cut the excess paper.

Let me know if you are planning on crafting your own or your kid's school supplies this year.
I will definitely make some more with my little sister for her to take this year.

Talk to you soon,


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