Color Block Nails // Nail Art Fail

First of all this DIY is a sort of nail art fail, and there are better ways to make the same design than the one shown on the pictures bellow, but I still wanted to share it anyway.

So the other day I was wondering what to paint o my nails and had this idea of a dark purple background with white stipes on top, but because not always what we imagine in our mind actually looks as good, the end result was a bit boring for my taste. What now? Taking it off would be too much of a waste, so why not add another color? 

That's what I ended up doing and I like the end result so much. It's one of my favorite nail designs that I've made so far. It would also look great with other color combinations, maybe orange with turquoise, which ones would you choose?

Do you have any craft fail project, that you ended up loving?
Talk to you soon,


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