Top 5 DIY of the week

You must know by now how I love watercolor, so it must not come as a surprise to have this diy on my top 5.
Check out the dripped watercolor pot tutorial from Grow Creative.

Aki from Minted Strawberry posted these antropologie inspired earings this week. Love the geometric style, too bad I don't have shrink plastic or I would diy these this weekend.

If you have the faux precious stone fever, you will definetly want to check out this tutorial from Fall For DIY, there is a lot of steps till you archive the finish product, but it looks so real that it is totaly worth the efort.

Simple way to display your favorite quote from At Home In Love.

Finishing of this top5, I discovered this adorable ballet flat update, that makes them look even more like real  point shoes. From Free Series blog.

Hope you liked this.
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DIY Watercolor Paper Flowers

As I've mentioned in my last top5 of the week, I've been obsessed with paper flowers, trying different shapes and papers. I ended um making a bunch of white paper roses and wanted to give a pop of color to them, watercolor was the perfect option, the end result is so pretty and artsy. This diy is more a craft idea than an actual tutorial, but the link to the template and all the sources are bellow.

I've tried to make roses in two ways: using the DIY Paper Rose tutorial with a template from Lia Griffith, and cutting the petal shapes myself and gluing them around the floral wire. Both ways are great, although I was a bit afraid of making the roses without a template, it ended up looking just the same.

When your rose is ready, glue green paper or floral tape around the wire. I've used hot glue to make this, but you can use other kind of glue you like.

With a soft paintbrush, paint the edges of the petals, making irregular shapes and drips. That's it. Pretty easy right?

Now I need a nice place to put them, maybe next time I will make a vase.

Talk to you soon,

Top 5 DIY of the week

Simple and practical, this wrap around leather case will protect your glasses in a very stylish way.
This diy is from Hello Little Home.

Easy no sew way to tie your bikini in a T-back style. From:

I've been a bit obsessed with making paper flowers this week, so this DIY paper flower crown 
from was just what I needed for inspiration.

Fun idea from, how to create a human bookmark. This would be great to give as a present to a friend or family. Check out the tutorial here.

Like Erin says in the post, heavy jewelry does not work for me on hot days as well, so this delicate bracelet seems like a great option. The tutorial is from

What crafts are you going to make this weekend?
Talk to you soon,

DIY Knotted Leather Necklace

Some time ago, I received an email from endlessleather asking me to make a diy using their supplies, and after browsing thru their site, I was really excited to work with them. Deciding on what I wanted to create was the hard part, there were so many kinds of leathers that my mind kept thinking of alternative ideas instead of focussing on just one. 
Finally, I decided on making this knotted necklace, that I learned to make a couple of years ago.
I also made a video explaining every step, but if you are not a video tutorial fan or you can't watch it on your computer, the step-by-step is below.

You will need:

Cut the leather into 4 parts with about one meter each.
Make a 4 strand braid with 12 cm or 4.7 inch in length.

This necklace is composed of a series of loose right and left knots. To make the right knot, secure the cords on the right side and  loop the left cords around like in the picture.

Do the same thing on the left side, secure the left cord and loop the right one around.

After the first two knots you can start adding the beads.
Slide the bead onto the cord on the right and hold it while looping the other string around it.
Next make another "empty" knot to the left and repeat the process.

Use a crimp end to secure the cords on both ends, you can use a bit of glue to hold it better.
Finaly use a jump ring to attach a piece of chain at one end and a clasp on the other. And your necklace is ready.

Ps.: As I sad in my intro to this post, the leather and beads were provided by, although this post is sponsored all opinions and ideas are my own.

This necklace would also look great using more summery colors, which ones would you choose?

Talk to you soon,

Top 5 DIY of the week

If you are looking for a nice father's day gift, these diy leather cufflinks, might be a good idea to try, Molly also posted a Geometric cufflink diy this week if  you want to check it out.

Woww these wooden gems look so real, I actually thought they were before reading the picture description.
You can see the tutorial from Fabric Paper Glue here.

These leather rings are from a blog that I discovered yesterday called Fashionrolla, click here for the tutorial.

What a nice shirt restyle, this was created by a german blog called Dat Zit Wel Snor, although I cannot understand german, the tutorial is perfectly comprehensible with the step by step pictures.
You will need to make a kiss stamp and use fabric paint to stamp the shapes onto the blouse. 
Click here for the tutorial.

This one was stolen from Nash's board on pinterest. The link is to a great post on how you can grow your own crystals. I was really impressed, never knew you could make your own fake crystals at home. It is definitely worth checking out. Here is the link.

Sorry for not posting a diy this week, 
I am photo and video editing a new blogpost and it's taking longer than I expected. 
Any way I hope you liked this top 5,

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