Top 5 DIY of the week

If you are looking for a nice father's day gift, these diy leather cufflinks, might be a good idea to try, Molly also posted a Geometric cufflink diy this week if  you want to check it out.

Woww these wooden gems look so real, I actually thought they were before reading the picture description.
You can see the tutorial from Fabric Paper Glue here.

These leather rings are from a blog that I discovered yesterday called Fashionrolla, click here for the tutorial.

What a nice shirt restyle, this was created by a german blog called Dat Zit Wel Snor, although I cannot understand german, the tutorial is perfectly comprehensible with the step by step pictures.
You will need to make a kiss stamp and use fabric paint to stamp the shapes onto the blouse. 
Click here for the tutorial.

This one was stolen from Nash's board on pinterest. The link is to a great post on how you can grow your own crystals. I was really impressed, never knew you could make your own fake crystals at home. It is definitely worth checking out. Here is the link.

Sorry for not posting a diy this week, 
I am photo and video editing a new blogpost and it's taking longer than I expected. 
Any way I hope you liked this top 5,

Talk to you soon,


  1. I know, the last idea is so terribly cool!
    I understand the thing about being busy and not posting a DIY and I'm in the same situation myself! ;)

  2. The last one is so cute! It looks like druzy, have to make in silver.


  3. These are so cool ! I would love to grow crystals !
    Eb x

  4. Hey Daniela! Thanks for pinning my crystal necklace! :) Those leather rings rock

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