DIY Watercolor Paper Flowers

As I've mentioned in my last top5 of the week, I've been obsessed with paper flowers, trying different shapes and papers. I ended um making a bunch of white paper roses and wanted to give a pop of color to them, watercolor was the perfect option, the end result is so pretty and artsy. This diy is more a craft idea than an actual tutorial, but the link to the template and all the sources are bellow.

I've tried to make roses in two ways: using the DIY Paper Rose tutorial with a template from Lia Griffith, and cutting the petal shapes myself and gluing them around the floral wire. Both ways are great, although I was a bit afraid of making the roses without a template, it ended up looking just the same.

When your rose is ready, glue green paper or floral tape around the wire. I've used hot glue to make this, but you can use other kind of glue you like.

With a soft paintbrush, paint the edges of the petals, making irregular shapes and drips. That's it. Pretty easy right?

Now I need a nice place to put them, maybe next time I will make a vase.

Talk to you soon,


  1. These are amazing! :)

  2. Absolutely adorable! Watercolors are a bit of an obsession of mine right now.


    1. Watercolors are one of my favorite painting materials

  3. Flowers and I are forever marriedddd <3 I love how you gave them such a handmade effect!

    1. I've noticed that, your blog is filled with flower projects :D


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