DIY 3 Styles of Macrame Friendship Bracelets

I haven't done a bracelet video in a while and whilst brainstorming ideas for my next video I came to youtube’s community tab for insights. The vast majority of you voted for macrame friendship bracelets, so get your threads ready because here they come!

I settled on 3 styles of bracelets all of them closing with a button and using waxed cotton cords. If you want them to have a more grown-up look you can make them with a satin or nylon cord and close with crimp ends and chain. Once you get the hang of it you can make a bunch pretty quickly. Wear them yourself or share with friends, since I’m sure they will love them.

Watch the video below for the how-to.


Using 2mm thick waxed cotton cord on all of the bracelets. I got mine from eBay

∙1st Bracelet: two cords in different colors with 2 meters each.
∙ 2nd Bracelet: one cord with 2,5 meters and another with 1 meter.
∙ 3rd Bracelet: two cords in different colors with 2,5 meters each.

Do you have a favorite one? I really like the stripes effect on the first one.
Hope you enjoyed this project.

Talk to you soon,


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