20 Christmas Tags to Make or Print

Christmas tags have been popping up on my feed recently, either from Pinterest or Facebook, and this reminded me that I need to print or make a set of new ones for my Christmas presents this year. I've made a printable set with cute animals before that is also linked in the round-up below, but I want to make new ones that coordinate with this years wrapping paper choices. 

The collection bellow are the ones that have caught my eye and are divided into 2 categories: make or print, the handmaid ones give a really nice personal touch and even if you're running a little late on the Christmas wrapping, the printable ones will still make your gifts look super cute.

— To Make —

DIY Gold and Copper Leaf Hexagon Gift Tags - ohsobeautifulpaper.com

Homemade Christmas Gift Tags - www.1dogwoof.com

Christmas Gift Tags with Washi Tape - www.thinkingcloset.com

Cross stitched Christmas tags - craftandcreativity.com

Rustic Cork Tags - maritzalisa.com

Gold Leaf Folded Gift Tags - www.whitehousecrafts.net

DIY Christmas Gift Tags With Scrapbook Paper Scraps
And Free Cut File - simplykellydesigns.com

DIY minimal clay gift tags - www.burkatron.com

Ugly Sweater Gift Tags Printable - www.basicinvite.com

— To Print —

Free Printable Holiday Gift Tags - www.creativeindexblog.com

Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags - www.curlymade.pt

4 free coloring holiday gift tags - www.smilingcolors.com

DIY Scandinavian Free Printable Gift Tags - www.thebeautydojo.com

Printable Wine Bottle Gift Tags - www.letsmingleblog.com

Free Printable Minimalist Gift Tags - www.thebeautydojo.com

Rustic Printable Christmas Gift Tags - www.alltheprettypaper.com

Free Scandinavian Christmas Gift Tags - www.foxandhazel.com

Watercolor Holiday Wreath Tutorial + Free Printable - thepostmansknock.com

Free Printable Holiday Gift Tags - visualheart.com


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