DIY 3 Colorful Room Decor Items

It has been a while since I've made a home decor item, and there was an empty frame on my wall that definitely needed an artwork, so this was the perfect excuse to create this set of small and colorful home items. I ended up creating the so much needed artwork for the frame and two other items: a set of coiled paper jewelry dishes and a jar photo display. These are ideal if you're decorating on a budget, all of them cost me almost zero, except for the balloons and wooden skewers, which I just picked up from the supermarket and were pretty cheap.
The step-by-step photos are all stills from the detailed video of this project and if you would rather watch moving images you can watch that below.

————— How to make the Quote Art —————

Start by adding drops of paint in different colors side by side.
When you have enough colors, scrape them out using a plastic card, make a continuous movement from the top to the bottom of the page, keeping the card at an angle.

After it's dry, find a quote or word that you like, print it and using a window or a light box, trace it onto the paper.

Next, just trace the outlines with a black pen and fill them in.

————— How to make the Coiled Paper Jewelry Dishes —————

Divide a sheet of paper into 4 equal parts. I used about 5 to 6 sheets.
Next, use a wooden skewer to roll the paper in an angle and create a paper tube. Glue the tubes together in sets of two, to make a longer tube.
Flatten out the tube and run your hands through the paper to make it easier to bend.
Start coiling the paper. Add glue once in a while to hold it.

Once you reach the end of a paper tube, insert and glue another one inside, at the end, and keep coiling, while it dries hold everything with clothes pin so it doesn't come undone.

Keep adding paper until it's big enough, then push the inside to create a bowl like shape, try to make it as even from all sides as possible.

Paint a thick coat of white glue to secure it and let it dry completely.
After that, you can paint in however you like, on mine I just did a colorful stripe of acrylic paint.

————— How to make the Jar Photo Display —————

Get balloons in different colors. Cut out the bottom and top of the balloons, and cut again in half so you have a band. Then stretch the balloon strips and place them around the jar, one on top of the other.

To make the photo holding sticks, I glued mini clothes pins to the same wooden skewers I've used for the first project using white glue.
I've painted mine white with acrylic paint, but this is completely optional since they look fine as is.

Keep the sticks from moving around, by putting sand or some small stones in the jar, if you're using sand, make a little funnel out of paper and use that to help fill the jar.

Place the pictures inside and that's it.

Thank you so much for stopping by, I wish you all a great day.
Talk to you soon,



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