7 DIY Pinterest Pages to Keep You Inspired

I've been super active on Pinterest this year, mostly because it's a great place to share what I make but also as a font of inspiration for crafts and also my design work.

Of course, I follow just about every craft blogger on Pinterest by now, they all have amazing ideas, so I thought that I would share some of the ones that have been catching my eye recently. Some of these have a huge following, others might be new to you, and that's the goal with this post, to show you accounts you might not know yet.

I also want to know who are your favorites, do you have any, maybe lesser known pages you'd want to recommend to me?

Spanish crafter Koral Antolín shares DIYs from her blog Fabrica de Imaginacion, as well as super trendy fashion inspiration.

My best description of Kelly Mindell's account it's got to be Bright and Vibrant. Her pins are always filled with color, everything has a fun mood to it, wich I love.

Because of her interest in Industrial Design, Romina shares a great variety of craft techniques and materials that you'll most likely be inspired with.

Sugar & Cloth is a blog that I really like and their Pinterest is no different, I mostly love the simple yet colorful DIY inspo and those dreamy interior decor ideas.

Italian Duo Chiara and Irene share their clean and trendy DIYs, a lot of what they share has a pastel tone to it, maybe a coincidence, or maybe their brand, either way, I really like their style. They also have the prettiest wedding boards if you're looking for inspiration.

Fran slays the game regarding Pinterest, she has several collaborative boards focusing on creativity, and I love her style of content. Besides I've been a fan of her blog ever since I started my own.

Besides DIY, Holly shares some great home decor ideas plus drool wordy recipes that make me want to hit the kitchen.

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