DIY Speech Bubble Dry Erase Board

This DIY came pretty much out of nowhere, I had this idea that I wanted to try and tried to figure, out of the supplies I had in home, what would work for this. I actually had some trouble with the "dry erase" part of the board, because the contact paper I had, did not let erase the marker, it absorbed the paint slightly, so you will see I had to use something on top of that for the board to work.

Materials: A big piece of cardboard | x-acto | scissors | white contact paper | clear plastic | electrical tape | two magnets | D-ring | glue

If you feel like the quality of the pictures bellow is a bit off, that's because they're print screens from the video, wich has more detailed instructions, if you want, you can watch it instead.

To make this I’ve used cardboard as a base.
Draw the shape of the speech bubble, and cut it, I've used an x-acto knife.

Once that's cut, to keep the bumps of the cardboard from showing, instead of sticking the white contact paper on top, trace and cut the shape of the speech bubble, then add glue to the edges of the cardboard and place the contact paper, still with the backing, on top.

The white contact paper that I was using did not work as a whiteboard, the paint of the pen did not come off completely when wiped, so I also cut a clear plastic bag with the speech bubble shape, and glued the edges to the cardboard.

Cover the sides with black electrical tape, taping small sections at a time.
My electrical tape was not sticking so well to the cardboard, so after I covered the sides, I turned the board around and held it with clear regular tape.

Finish off by attaching a D-ring to the back, so you can hang it, and also a magnet to both the board and pen.
Let it dry overnight and it's ready to use.


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