DIY Beaded Hair Comb

Hair combs are such a classic accessory piece, which asides from bridal headpieces I don’t see often, especially in stores here in Portugal, that’s why I decided to try and make a modernized everyday
wear version.

Bare in mind that the links on this list were created at the date of the video, if any of the links is broken try searching the name of the product on the site.

Jumprings -
Iron twisted chain in platinum, 2x3mm, 0.5mm thick -
Stainless Steel Headpins, 50x0.6mm -
Tibetan Style Filigree Connector, Tray; 17mm, 53x37x3mm -
Clear glass cover matching the size of the tray
Hair Comb Findings, Platinum, 64x39x1mm -
Acrylic Beads, Round, Mixed Color, 4mm, Hole: 1mm -
Clear Glue
Epoxy Putty

Pandahall gave me a budget to spend on supplies for this video, they did not pay me for advertisement and all the ideas and content is my own. The links on the list are just to make it easier for you to find the same supplies, I will not receive any commission on your purchases.


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