DIY Geometric Prism Necklace

Hi everyone, it has been almost a month since my last post, and I'm sorry for my disappearance, but since I haven't had the chance before, Happy New Year to all my lovely readers who keep commenting and supporting my projects.

This time I decided to make this geometric necklace with those tube beads from the earpins project, they are so versatile, I'm sure there will be much more ways to use them in the future.

For this necklace all you need is:
- Metalic Tube Beads or Bugle Beads;
- Nylon Cord;
- Needle;
- Jump rings;
- 30inches or 75 cm Chain.

1.Thread your needle with the nylon.
2.Get a medium sized bead and tie it in the end, leaving a bit of thread, this will prevent the beads from falling and mark the starting point of your piece.
3.Slip 3 beads onto your thread and go back with the needle trough the 1st bead.

4.You should have you 1st triangle now, so add just two beads to the thread and go back through the side of the triangle that is facing you.

5.Put the needle back again through the side, to reach one of the top vertices.

6.To complete the 1sh half of the prism, add just one bead, put it through the opposite point (the one with the bead) and pull it tight.

7.For the other half, thread two beads and go back through the bead on the base.

8. Again bring the needle trough the side to one of the vertices.
9.Finally, add just one more bead and put the needle through the opposite point.

10.Put the needle the beads in the middle again, just to make it more sturdy, and meet the point where you first started (marked by the bead).
11.Use the needle to tie the nylon around the bead, and carefully remove it.
12.Lastly, attach a jump ring and the chain.

I've been wearing the necklace a lot, since I made it, it really goes with almost every outfit. I'm thinking about making a cube one, maybe with smaller beads, to layer over this one.
What do you think, will you try it?

Talk to you soon,


  1. Oh, what a gorgeous DIY! ♥
    Have a great weekend!
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  2. This is beautiful - thank you! I'm thinking of trying it with rolled paper bugle beads.

  3. Great idea, I've been wanting to try some diy's with paper beads, let me know how it goes.

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