DIY Diamond Vase

 I love making crafts up cycling materials that would end up on the nearest recycling bin otherwise. The last one I made using a glass jar was a candle holder for valentines day, so it is way past the time to make a new one. Really like the simplicity of the end result and how it matches every decoration, I could put it in anywhere in the house, but this one is currently sitting proudly on my bookshelf next to my divergent series.

To explain how to create one I've made a short step-by-step video that you can watch bellow.

If you are wondering where did I get the "explore" picture on the frame, I found it on Pinterest.

Click here to learn how to create the watercolor paper flowers shown in the pictures or here to see the tutorial on the Valentine's day candle jar.

Thanks much everyone for the sweet comments you've been leaving on my posts and for following, it means the world to me.
Talk to you soon,


  1. Lovely jar, its such a great idea! :)

    1. Thanks Amy, btw your new blog design looks great

  2. Oh,at first it looked like silver diamonds, and I went like, woah how did you make them all silvery and the rest white <3

  3. I love this idea!! :)
    My blog is all about beauty, if you're interested x
    I'm following you via GFC xxx

  4. Adorei, ficou muito giro!
    Acho que vou fazer.

    1. Obrigada Lúcia :D
      Se fizeres manda uma foto para o instagram @curlymade

  5. Não sei como desconhecia o teu blog! Adorei e já estou a seguir por isso mesmo :)
    Quanto ao DIY, tão giro e simples. Ideal para dar outra vida a qualquer espaço*

    1. Obrigada :D
      Reparei que também tens um blog, vou dar uma olhada


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