20 Paper Craft ideas to try

Hi everyone, the top 5 of this week is again a special edition. I really enjoy making these kinds of posts, always end up finding tons of creative ideas worth sharing. I hope you enjoy these crafts, below every picture is a link to its original source. 

 DIY Paper Feather Wreath - liagriffith.com

DIY Paper Earings - mintedstrawberry.blogspot.pt

Triangle Earings - angsandy.blogspot.sg

DIY Geoball - zugalerie.blogspot.fr

DIY Origami Business Card Stand - howaboutorange.blogspot.ca

DIY Paper Bird Cages - creaturecomfortsblog.com

Paper Medallions - minieco.co.uk

Baloon Mobile - papermatrix.wordpress.com

DIY Paper Garland - highwallsblog.com

3D Paper Diamonds - minieco.co.uk

DIY Paper Anemones - ruffledblog.com

DIY idea - pinterest.com

Paper Beads Tutorial - designoform.com

DIY Stacked Paper Arrow Earings - delightfullydiy.com

Boxed Geometric Heart - minieco.co.uk

DIY Cardboard Pendant Light - poppytalk.com

Statement Paper Bead Necklace - etsy.com

DIY Geometric Lanterns - ohhappyday.com

Paper Polyhedra Templates - etsy.com

Paper Flower Corsages - mintedstrawberry.blogspot.pt

Do you have any suggestions for the next special edition post? 
What should the next theme be?

Talk to you soon,

PS.: I have not created any of the diy's above, all the original links are provided near the pictures, if I have placed your diy in this post and you wish for me to remove it, email me at curlymade@gmail.com and I will delete it.


  1. These are HONESTLY all so beautiful, I can't decide which one I like best! <3


  2. I LOVE the Geoball! :)


  3. HI! I am Bri, and I wanted to nominate you for the Liebster Award. You can head to my blog for details, please. I just think more people should visit your blog. I have never seen such a great source of ideas and inspiration. I also love that you are supporting so many other bloggers by sharing links back to their projects and tutorials! This is awesome!

    1. Hi Bri, thanks for you sweet comment, your blog is really fun, loved the part 1 Liebster post with the pictures, great idea :D
      About the liebster award nomination, i've been nominated before twice, and if you want you can see the post here: http://curlymade.blogspot.pt/2014/05/liebster-award.html, but thank you for nominating me anyway.

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