Mother's Day gift ideas

You still don't know what to offer your mother in mother's day, well this post might help you, i've put together a small list with some cute ideas for a fashionable mom, some of these I really want for myself  :)

I hope this list helps you get some ideas, and if you want to give something even more special, just put your hands to work and try that special diy that has been on your to-do list for ages. Or maybe offer a DIY kit and make a crafting session with her, I'm sure she would love it.

  1. Vintage Style Floral Watch - Etsy
  2. DIY Clay Leaf Bowls - Urban Comfort
  3. Tea Leaf Infuser - Amazon
  4. Teardrop Earings - Blanco
  5. Giant Gem Speaker -
  6. Floral Sleep Mask - Etsy
  7. DIY Branch Jewelry Holder - Curly Made

Talk to you guys soon,


  1. Thank you, I love this list. I want some of these, too!

  2. For a minute I thought these were diy projects. I was really impressed by the watch! (-:


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