Top 5 DIY of the week

Hi everyone, and welcome to my top 5 of the week.
This week I've chosen mostly simple and quick ideas, and I hope you like them.

This is such a great idea from Ohoh Blog,  how to make a geometric lampshade using only straws, you
 can find the tutorial here

This DIY reminded me of the minimal cat wallpapers that I posted this week, the letters on the sweater were made with sequin trim and you can find the instructions on A Beautiful Mess Blog.

DIY jeweled clutch.
This project is from a spanish fashion and DIY blog called "crímenes de la moda" even thogh the post is not in english, the steps and materials are easy to understand just with the pictures.

I've done chevron friendship bracelets before, but thease heart shaped ones are so adorable, I might try to make one this week.
Learn how to make one here.

Last but not least, Minted Strawberry Blog posted a tutorial on how to create this easy popsicle stick earings. 

I hope you had a great weekend.
Talk to you soon,


  1. The lamp shade is cute. You know the bracelets though - I have tried to make one before and it just twisted. Even when I ironed it. Any suggestions ?
    Eb x

  2. I've tried a striped one like this, and also ended up twisted.

    The chevron one was ok, I think maybe it's in the way you make the knots, they cant be too tight or because you have to make two knots try making one from the right side of the sting and other from the left side.

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