DIY Macramé Rope Coil Vase Covers | Woven Baskets

I recently acquired this adorable fiddle leaf tree and wanted to give it and also her succulent companion a new look, so I decided to experiment with rope and stitching, there are several ways to make rope vases, some are machine sewn or hand-sewn, but this colorful wrapping technique caught my eye on Pinterest. After 4 attempts to test out the stitching, I began to make the first cover, the blue one. I picked up several tips along the way, especially regarding the tension of the cord and how tight to make the knots which is all explained in the video below.

- Sisal Rope 3mm thick
- Crochet Thread 1mm thick

I seem to be doing a lot of projects involving rope lately, so let me know your suggestions of what more rope DIY's you would like to see.

Talk to you on my next post,


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