DIY String Friendship Bracelets - Pura Vida Inspired

Friendship style bracelets have been a hit both here on the blog, as well as on my youtube channel, so if you are still looking for more laidback summer style bracelets, this time I decided to try this string Pura Vida® inspired design.
I just want to clarify, that I do not intend to make knock-off versions of the Pura Vida Bracelets, they are beautifully made bracelets, that's why, besides wanting to make them softer, I choose a completely different thread type.

I used nylon satin cord, which is kind of like a softer version of the original waxed polyester one.

Besides string, you won't even need glue or any type of hardware so these will be super inexpensive, and perfect to whip up a bunch for your friends.

Let me know if you have any bracelet style suggestions for me to try next.
Best, Daniela


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