DIY upcycled advent calendar // Christmas Crafts Decor

Everyone is already thinking about twinkling sparkling lights and presents, so to get even more in the Christmas spirit, why not make this calendar with papers you already have at home? Best part is finding treats and small presents to fill the bags with, since I made this one especially for my sister and since she is a little fashionista, besides the candy, I've also added some hair clips, rings, a necklace and small makeup items.

paper bags or any kind of paper you want to use | glue | scissors | x-acto knife | cord | small clothes pins | sewing machine (optional)

Start by taking the bag apart and draw a rectangle as big as you want your calendar bags to be and cut it.

Fold both sides to the middle overlapping in the center and glue it.

To make the bags a little bigger, I'm folding the sides to the inside making an accordion effect.

Print a bunch of numbers with different types of fonts. Since I'm also making white bags, I printed the numbers on a piece of paper from one of the bags as well.

Cut the numbers one by one, this actually didn't take as long as I expected, though it does take a while, maybe watch a tv show in the process.

Make sure to plan which bags are going to be white and which are going to be brown, so you don't waste time cutting numbers that are not even going to use.

Once you have all the 25 numbers you can start gluing them onto the bags.

Once they are dry you can start filling them up.

To make sure there is no peeking, I've sewed the top of the bags with a zig-zag stitch.

Lastly, hang all of the bags onto a piece of twine and hold it with small clothespins. Since the brown and white paper is not very christmasy, you can decorate it with Christmas lights, or maybe some red ribbons.

Are you planning on making an Advent Calendar this year?
Talk to you soon,


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