5 DIY Leather Bracelets

One of my most popular posts right now has to be the 5 different square knot friendship bracelets, I've been getting a lot of positive comments and questions about it wich makes the work I've put intro it really worth the while.

I've also been getting requests for new bracelet projects so it was about time for a new mega tutorial, but this time using leather cords instead. All of these are beginner approved and I tried to use as few supplies as possible, so besides easy these are also very inexpensive.

Watch the video bellow for step-by-step instructions and all the supplies and measurements are listed bellow each bracelet picture.

For the 1st bracelet you are going to need:

1 meter or 40 inches of leather cord | 2 pieces of  thin ribbon with 70 cm or 30 inches each
1 Button | Scissors | Glue

To make the pearl bracelet you will need:

50 cm or 20 inches of leather cord | Wire | Pearl Bead | 2 Crimp ends | Lobster clasp | Chain | Pliers | Scissors and Glue.

For this very easy twisted bracelet the materials are:

90 cm or 35,5 inches of leather cord | 2 Crimp ends | Lobster clasp | Chain | Pliers | Scissors and Glue.

For the knotted one you will need:

2 Strands of leather with 50 cm or 20 inches each | 2 Crimp ends | Lobster clasp | Chain | Pliers | Scissors and Glue.

To make the last bracelet the materials are:
50 cm or 20 inches of leather cord | Ball chain | 2 Crimp ends | Crochet Thread | Lobster clasp | Chain | Pliers| Scissors and Glue.

I can't believe how long it took me to film and edit this video, between work and lazy beach days, the time left on the weekends just sleeps away so quickly. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this DIY, I made a special hidden Pinterest image so don't forget to pin it, and I will talk to you soon,


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