DIY Leather Skinny Belt

How to make: DIY Leather Skinny Belt - Curly #crafts #diy #tutorial #belt #fashion #style

Upon being emailed by endlessleather again, asking if I wanted to use their products on a new project, I went on their website looking for something interesting that would give me inspiration and help decide what to make. I came across this hook closure most commonly used for bracelets and decided to use it in a belt instead.

I had some doubts about the right leather, so I emailed the endlessleather team and they recomended me the stitched nappa cord, because it's much softer and easier to bend than regular leather.

You will need:

Silver Hook Closure + Slider Piece
Stitched Nappa Cord
Measuring Tape
Strong Glue

Before buying the cord, wrap the measuring tape twice around your waist, to find out how much leather cord you will need. 

Cut the leather with the right size.

Fold it in half and wrap it around your waist to make sure it's the right size or if it needs any adjustment.

Place both ends of the cord onto the slider piece and slide it all the way to the other end, leaving a small loop.

Glue both ends to the hook part of the closure, let it dry overnight and it's ready to use!

DIY Leather Skinny Belt - Curly Made

DIY Leather Skinny Belt - Curly Made

I hope you liked this new DIY, it was my first belt project, and I might make some more in the future since this one was so simple to make. Have you tried making a belt before?

Talk to you soon, 


  1. Oh, this is so cute! I've never thought of making a belt before ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  2. It's even easier than bracelets

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    The Cobbleroad

  4. Happy you liked it, thanks for stopping by Hema

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