DIY 5 Different Square Knot Bracelets

Yay!! I've finally finished the largest video I've ever edited. I've filmed the process for all this bracelets and ended up with so much media that it didn't even fit my poor 16 gb card. Of course, I had to cut most parts off, otherwise this video would be super long.

This was also my first time filming myself, like I said in the video, I'm not used to it and it feels a bit weird talking to a camera, also on top of that speaking in English. So if you don't understand what the heck I'm saying at some point, blame the accent, not me.

How to make a Square Knot- see this post first if you don't know how to make the knot.

You will need:
1st Bracelet
Materials: 50 cm and 1.50 meters of black waxed cord // Studded Beads // Small Golden Beads // Glue or Nail polish.

2nd Bracelet
Materials:50 cm and 1.50 meters of white waxed cord // Small beads // Glue or nail polish

3rd Bracelet
Materials:3x50cm and 2x80cm of black waxed cord // Small Golden Beads // Glue or Nail polish

4th Bracelet
Materials:50cm and 1.50m of white waxed cord // Small beads in 2 different colors // Glue or Nail polish

5th Bracelet
Materials: 50cm and 1.50m of black waxed cord // Blue Round Beads // Small beads // Glue or Nail polish

What's your favorite bracelet?
Talk to you soon,


  1. Oh wow, these all look wonderful! :D

  2. love it :) so cute

  3. Great ideas! The one with the spikes is so my style, I definitely have to try and make one ;-)

  4. Thank you, send me a picture on instagram @curlymade if you try.

  5. Hello I'm Portuguese and live in Mem-Martins. How would you call (In portuguese) the waxed cord? I've been looking for some place to buy it. Thank you in advance.

  6. Olá fico muito contente por encontar uma portuguesa no blog. Eu acho que se chama cordão de algodão encerado, pelo menos é o que aparece nas pesquizas do google. Eu costumo comprar na loja do chines.

  7. Muito obrigada! Vou procurar!
    Gosto muito do blog. Cheio de inspiração.

  8. wooww its so beautiful, thank you for sharing. please visit my university website to


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