Back to basics // how to make a square knot

Probably most of you already know to make this simple square knot, but I'm planning on making a couple of bracelets using this technique, so for those who are not sure how to make it I've created this quick mini tutorial.

1. Take the pink left cord, cross it over the middle orange cord and under the right blue cord. Take the blue right cord, cross it under the middle and through the loop.

2. Now to the second half of the knot: cross the left pink cord over the middle and under the right.
Take the right blue cord, cross it under the middle and through the loop.
Tighten the cords, and your first square knot is completed. Super easy !

Have you made any projects using the square knot before? If you did send me a picture on Instagram @curlymade or twitter @Daniela_Curly.

Talk to you soon,


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