Free Quote Printable // A day without sunshine...

Hi everyone, I've found this Steve Martin quote while browsing on Goodreads and thought it would be fun to make a print out of it. The file is in A3 format, but you can also print it in a smaller size if you want. To make the download, just click on the button bellow, enjoy!


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Top 5 DIY of the week // 25.10.2014

These folders make me wish I had some leather in hand -

Stylish and simple double pearl earings -

Such a clever idea: DIY Wooden and leather box -

Love this wall decor idea -

If I ever attempted to make this rainbow soap, it would end up being a total mess, but it just looks so pretty -

Have a great weekend,

DIY Painted Stone

Hi everyone, some of you might have noticed my absence in the past few days, I've had a problem with my internet connection and could not post the new printable I had prepared neither the top5. But finally everything is working properly now and I took advantage of my no internet time to make this project.

First of all for this project you are going to need a stone, I found this smooth surfaced one when I was at the beach last month, and it took me a while to figure out what I wanted to paint in it, there are endless possibilities. I took advantage of the shape of the rock and made the drawing fit in that area, this drawing is inspired by a tattoo I saw on Pinterest.

Make the drawing on your stone, if your drawing skills are not the greatest, you can also transfer it by printing the image with the right size, cutting around the edges of the image and tracing the shape onto the surface.

Start by painting with the lightest color first, I had to paint two coats of yellow. Take some time to look at your image properly, discovering which parts are darker and have more shades or volume.
I used orange and a light shade of brown to give dimension to the body of the fish.

Lastly, add details like the eyes and if you want to protect your design paint a thin coat of clear varnish spray.

I still have to figure out where to put this, maybe I could use it as a paper weight, any suggestions?
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Top 5 DIY of the week // 9.10.2014

I've been searching for some ideas to restyle my old sweaters and I love this cross stiched one from

Also another great restyle idea this Zip Jumper is from

Super easy Thread Earings from

Charming Rustic Chalkboard by Tim and Mary from 17 apart for

Last but not least, learn how to create this arrow bracelet from an old belt at

Are you planning on crafting this weekend?
Have fun and talk to you soon,

Back to basics // how to make a square knot

Probably most of you already know to make this simple square knot, but I'm planning on making a couple of bracelets using this technique, so for those who are not sure how to make it I've created this quick mini tutorial.

1. Take the pink left cord, cross it over the middle orange cord and under the right blue cord. Take the blue right cord, cross it under the middle and through the loop.

2. Now to the second half of the knot: cross the left pink cord over the middle and under the right.
Take the right blue cord, cross it under the middle and through the loop.
Tighten the cords, and your first square knot is completed. Super easy !

Have you made any projects using the square knot before? If you did send me a picture on Instagram @curlymade or twitter @Daniela_Curly.

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Top 5 DIY of the week // 03.10.2014

Love the simplicity of this chain-linked ring from Aimee at

Learn how to turn a t-shirt intro a cute bolero.

Amazing angel wings sweatshirt from

I definitely need to make this with the crappy pencils that are stored on my drawer.
DIY pencil holder from

Make this elastic strappy bra to wear with low tanks from

Woww, so many great DIY's this week, I can't even decide which one is my favorite, can you?
Talk to you soon,