Top 5 DIY of the week

This diy automatically made wonder if I had any old sweater I could use.

Learn how to make these corals with a glue gun, wire and paint.

Balsa wood candle holders from

Why not customise your notebooks for back to school? Really like the pattern choice :)

Simple diy to improve an old organizer from

Have a great weekend.

DIY Easy To Make Ear Pins

 Etsy has been one of my inspirations in the past week, I found so many pretty ear pins, these are one are my favorites. I really wanted to try and make my own, and was really surprised how simple it is, you can make a bunch in no time. One of the models is very similar to my DIY Minimal Bar Earings, if you haven't seen it check it out, those were also super easy to make,

Also, if you don't like ear pins you can wear them down like a normal earing, it looks just as good.

After sanding, the edge was still hurting me a bit, so because I'm lazy and didn't want to keep sanding some more I put a little bit of nail polish in the end.

Wich of the models is your favorite? The beaded one or the silver bar?
Talk to you soon,

Top 5 DIY of the week

Love the simplicity of these leather pouches, do you think it would work with fabric as well?

This DIY is from a german blog, but I really liked this idea, so I'm sharing it despite not understanding most of the instructions. Do I have any readers from Germany?

There has been a ton of tassel necklace diys on the internet these days, but I've never seen one like this, really like the boho feel to it, you can also visit the blog

Great tutorial showing how to digitalize your drawings or calligraphy,explained in detailed steps. This is actually the same technic that I use, and the one that gets me better results. See the tutorial at

So freaking adorable, really want to make one for myself.

Have a great weekend,

Free Simple Weekly Planner

 I have been looking for a minimalistic black and white planner to print a home without spending too much ink, the planners I found on the internet did not quite fit my needs, so I made my own and today I'm sharing it with you. The file in pdf, is hosted on my google drive folder and all you have to do is click on the button below and make the download.


Hope you guys liked this printable, if you want you can also check out other vectors and wallpapers from the blog here.

Talk to you soon,

Top 5 DIY of the week

Woow!! can you believe these planters are made with sprinkler guards from the home improvement store? Check out the tutorial from

If you have a crystal and want to make a necklace with it but have no way of drilling a hole, this tutorial shows an easy alternative.

I just love the look of these papier mache cacti, you can learn how to create one at

Well it seems like this top 5 has a lot of plant related crafts, but these cat clay pots are so adorable that I had to put them here. The DIY is from

I've always wanted to learn how to make gummies, and this week I found this interesting recipe with black tea and raspberries. You can read the recipe from Bonnie at her blog

Have a great weekend,

Chain Necklace Makeover

I've had this chunky chain necklace for a while now and didn't wear it because it was a bit too short for my taste. The material of the chain is actually plastic instead of metal, which makes it a lot lighter, but still it ended up hanging around in my room without any use, so it was makeover time for the necklace.

This is so simple that you are only going to need jersey yarn, pliers and chain or an old necklace.

1. Remove the clasp from the necklace.

2. Cut about 1.50 m or 2 m ( if you want to make a big bow in the back) of jersey yarn. Leave more or less 30 cm of yarn in one end (to tie the necklace later) and weave the rest around the chain links.

3. Tie the necklace around your neck to measure and cut the excess yarn. That's it your necklace is ready to wear.

Also, the pictures of me wearing the necklace were taken by my sister Mariana, she says she wants to be a photographer and she really has an eye for it. I would ask her if the picture was okay,  if the necklace was crooked or the hair in the way, and she would come over, put everything in place, go back a take a really nice picture.
I have to teach her camera settings one of these days :D

I hope you liked this little diy.
Talk to you soon,