DIY Swiss Cross Nail Art

Hi everyone, this nail art idea came up a few days ago, I wanted to do a geometric design, and I love the black and white look of swiss crossed patterns. Instead of using a nail art brush to make the smaller crosses, I've tried to draw them with a permanent marker instead.
I was a bit afraid of smudging the design when applying the top coat, but it actually turned out ok, just some small smudged parts that are not even noticeable in the pictures.

1. Paint one or two coats of nail polish, and let it dry.
2. Use a nail striper to paint two thin lines on your index finger.
3. Paint a big white cross on your ring finger with a nail art brush.
4. Make the smaller crosses, using a permanent black marker with a very small point.
5. Apply a generous amount of top coat, putting a bigger quantity of nail polish on the brush will prevent smudging the design. Here's a great video about it.

Do you have any suggestions for my next nail art?
Talk to you soon,


  1. Wow, the pattern is perfect!

  2. love the pattern daniela! totally going to try!
    June from

    1. Thanks June, send me a picture on Instagram @curlymade if you do the nail art.


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