DIY Diamond Vase

 I love making crafts up cycling materials that would end up on the nearest recycling bin otherwise. The last one I made using a glass jar was a candle holder for valentines day, so it is way past the time to make a new one. Really like the simplicity of the end result and how it matches every decoration, I could put it in anywhere in the house, but this one is currently sitting proudly on my bookshelf next to my divergent series.

To explain how to create one I've made a short step-by-step video that you can watch bellow.

If you are wondering where did I get the "explore" picture on the frame, I found it on Pinterest.

Click here to learn how to create the watercolor paper flowers shown in the pictures or here to see the tutorial on the Valentine's day candle jar.

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Top 5 DIY of the week

Love this Vans restyle from Always Rooney, using iron-on printer paper and leather cord.

I you have any wire wrapping skills, this necklace is definitely worth trying, check it out at

How sweet is this cactus pillow? Learn how to make it at

Love the idea of these macrame candle holders, it would be a great way to upcycle jars, and other glass containers that you might have laying around. This tutorial is from

I want to make popsicles this weekend and while searching for the perfect recipe I came across these cherry ones, they seem so tastyy! Besides cherry is one of my favorite flavors. Check out for the recipe.

That's it guys, I hope you liked this week's top5. 
Which one was your favorite?
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DIY Swiss Cross Nail Art

Hi everyone, this nail art idea came up a few days ago, I wanted to do a geometric design, and I love the black and white look of swiss crossed patterns. Instead of using a nail art brush to make the smaller crosses, I've tried to draw them with a permanent marker instead.
I was a bit afraid of smudging the design when applying the top coat, but it actually turned out ok, just some small smudged parts that are not even noticeable in the pictures.

1. Paint one or two coats of nail polish, and let it dry.
2. Use a nail striper to paint two thin lines on your index finger.
3. Paint a big white cross on your ring finger with a nail art brush.
4. Make the smaller crosses, using a permanent black marker with a very small point.
5. Apply a generous amount of top coat, putting a bigger quantity of nail polish on the brush will prevent smudging the design. Here's a great video about it.

Do you have any suggestions for my next nail art?
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Top 5 DIY of the week

Such an original idea from, make concrete candle holders with up-cycled plastic bottles.

Adorable ice cream cone elbow patches from

If I still had space in may wall I would make something like this to hold my pictures. The DIY Driftwood Photo Display is from

Love this simple and edgy necklace from

Creative idea at, DIY mail basket. I wonder if it would be possible to make this using an old towel holder.

That's if for this week's top 5,
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Free Summer Vectors

Hi everyone, I haven't done a freebies post in a while so I thought of making some summer vectors to share with you.
As usual the files are in jpg, png, pdf and ai (adobe illustrator).
The files are hosted in my google drive folder and all you have to do is click here and make the download.

If you use these vectors please send me a link, I would love to see what you created.
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6 Adorable Shoe DIY to try

1. A DIY in pearls -
2. Pompom shoes DIY -
3. Glitter Stipe DIY -
4. DIY Shoe Clips -
5. DIY sneakers -
6. DIY Bow heels -

This week's top diy was again a special edition, I hope you liked it.
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DIY Mandala Painting

Sometimes painting is really soothing to me, I don't mind painting complex patterns or shapes as long as I have a nice audiobook to listen to I can be painting for a couple hours without feeling bored.
I've been wanting to make something colorful for my living room for some time. Finally last week I got around to do it. Because I wanted something with a lot of color and "kind" of geometric a mandala seemed like a good option.

You will need:
- Canvas,
- Acrylic paint in different colors,
- Paintbrush,
- Permanent pen,
- Scissors, 
- Tape, 
- Printer,
- Colored pencils,
- and 2B or 4B pencil

Find a mandala shape that you like on google, and print it. Depending on your canvas size you might need a bigger image that the A4 size that your regular printer makes. What I usually do is, go on photoshop or other image editing software and print a portion of the image in separate pages. If you don't know how to do this, watch this tutorial from Karen Kavett

Tape the pages in the right place and cut some of the excess paper.

Paint a preview of your mandala to test the colors that you are going to use.

To transfer the mandala shape onto the canvas, you will need to trace the lines onto the back of the paper, with a soft pencil 2B or 4B and using a window as a light table.

Flip the paper with the side you just traced facing down and center the paper on your canvas.
Trace the Mandala shape once again this time onto the canvas (I know, I know, you are probably tired of drawing lines over and over again, but although this part in not much fun, the result is worth it)

Now, my favorite part: Painting!! Paint your mandala however you want.
Try not to mix the colors that you are using, paint one color at a time, it will help not to paint in the wrong places.

As a final touch I've traced a black edge on my mandala using a black permanent pen.

Would you like to see more projects like this? 
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