DIY Clay Beads Necklace

Hi everyone, looking trough my necklace collection most of my necklaces are silver and gold, so I decided to create something more colorful this time.
This project can be done with air dry or polymer clay, but although I have already worked with polymer clay before, in these types os projects I always use air dry, maybe because I'm too lazy to cook the beads in the woven.

You will need:

1. Make beads of different sizes with the clay and use the end of a small paintbrush to make the holes, let the beads dry completely. If you want to make the exact same necklace you will need to make 4 large beads, 5 medium beads and 2 small beads.

2. To make the coral paint, mix 2 parts of pink or crimson paint, 1 part of yellow and 1 part of white.

3. A trick to hold the beads while painting is to stick them on a pencil.
Paint medium sized dots on your larger beads with the light coral paint.

4. Now, use a small paint brush to paint around the dots.

5. Paint the rest of your beads with the different shades of coral and let the paint dry.
6. Thread the beads onto the cord and tie a knot at the end.
And it's done!

Love the finished look of this necklace, you can also change the colors, it would look great in turquoise, if you want to give it a try.

Do you prefer using air dry clay or polymer clay?
 I hope you liked this,

Talk to you soon,


  1. Oh this is so lovely! I wanna make one like NOW hehe. Thanks for the wonderful idea + tutorial :)
    xx Juli

    1. you're welcome, i'm happy you liked it :D

  2. These are adorable–love your blog!