DIY Cat Nails

My nails have been such a mess these days, I just can't keep them looking decent while crafting, every bit of paint seems to be magically attracted to my fingernails and it's really hard take it of.
Do you also have this problem?

Anyway, I haven't done a nail art on my nails since the starry sky nail diy, and wanted to make something cute with polka dots using the dotted tool I got a few days ago. So cats, polka dots and stripes seemed to make the perfect combination.

To make these you will need:
  • Black and white nail polish;
  • Small nail art brush or even a small painting brush;
  • Dotting tool or a pin, like I used in the starry sky nail art;

1- Start by painting one or two coats of black and white nail polish on your nails.
2- Use the dotting tool or the pin to make the dots on your little finger and thumb.

3 -To paint the stripes you can use a nail stripping brush or tape.

4- To paint the fishbone, use a small nail art brush and start by painting the top and the bottom, this way it will be easier to paint the rest of the shape.
5- With the same nail art brush, paint the cat head with the whiskers.

And it's done, if you want, paint a top coat to help protect your design.

Do you have any nail art diy requests?
Maybe this would also look good in color, what color would you use?

Talk to you soon,


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