Valentine's day candle jar

Hi everyone, today's project is once again a recycled decoration item, this time for Valentine's day.

  • Jar;
  •  Ribbon;
  • Mate black spray paint;
  • Painter's tape;
  • Black marker;
  • X-acto;
  • Nail art white nail polish or a white paint marker;

  1. Start by putting the tape on the jar, in the place you want the hearts to be ;
  2. Draw the hearts and cut them with the x-acto, take out the excess tape;
  3. Spray paint the whole jar;
  4. When dry, using the x-acto to help, take of the heart shaped tape;
  5. Draw the dashed lines around the hearts, with the nail polish or a paint marker;
  6. Tie a cute red bow at the top.


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