40 Amazing DIY Craft Ideas To Sell

A round-up of 40 DIY Craft ideas to sell on etsy or at craft fairs including Jewelry, Sewing Projects, Decor, Beauty Products, and Items for Kids  #diy #crafts #sell #etsy #ideas #curlymade

Recently I've been wonderingif I should reopen my Etsy store, for a while when I started the blog, I used to sell leather bracelets and ruffled headbands made with recycled coffee capsules. Unfortunately, I stopped adding listings to the shop since I now had a full-time job and wanted to focus my free time entirely on the blog. 

This got me thinking if I did reopen the store, what would I like to sell, what types of DIYs I think would be a good fit for Etsy or perhaps a craft fair and that's what inspired this round-up. 

I've selected 40 craft ideas that you can make and sell online or at a fair, they are divided into categories and the link to the original source of the photos and tutorial is below each one, enjoy!