15 DIY Christmas Gifts Everyone Will Love

Curly Made | 15 DIY Christmas Gifts Everyone Will Love | DIY Roundup #crafts #Christmas #gifts
Sadly I will not be making any Christmas DIY videos and posts this year, so to try and make up for that I've gathered some of my favorite gift ideas for woman, men and kids. I made a video version of this if you want to take a look and the list of all the blogs is bellow. 

DIY Beaded Hair Comb

Hair combs are such a classic accessory piece, which asides from bridal headpieces I don’t see often, especially in stores here in Portugal, that’s why I decided to try and make a modernized everyday
wear version.

DIY Upcycled Frayed Denim Pouch

Upcycled DIYs are always one of my favorites to make, the amount of money spent on supplies is basically none and you're giving a new life to something it would otherwise end up as trash.

I made this little pouch out of a pair of jeans that have not seen the light of day for years, but I always keep my jeans to use for future projects, denim is versatile and comes in handy a lot.

Of course, you can make this in any size you want, but I kept mine small enough to fit in my bag and store small knick knacks that stubbornly keep getting lost on the bottom of the bag.

The quick video bellow has all the steps for making the pouch.

DIY 2 Styles of Slave Bracelets

Usually, Slave Bracelets are more of a summer festival accessory pairing with a boho gipsy vibe, but it's September now and who said these could not be turned into something autumn and winter appropriate? Grab your darker coloured beads, chain and pliers and let's get crafting.

Pandahall supplied the materials for this DIY. Bare in mind that the links on this list were created at the date of the video, if any of the links is broken try searching the name of the product on the site.

4 mm jumprings - http://goo.gl/Ue44WI
Bicone black beads 4.5x4mm, hole: 1mm - http://goo.gl/5SSZcM
Seed beads, purple, 4 mm in diameter, hole 1 mm - http://goo.gl/Q4iwCm
Iron twisted chain in platinum, 3x2x0.4mm - http://goo.gl/JxQkkY
Brass Magnetic Clasps, Round, Silver, 11.5x6mm, hole 1.2mm - http://goo.gl/asYRae
Tibetan Style Spacer Beads 5mm in diameter, 4mm long, hole 1.5mm - http://goo.gl/jLuX6g
Stainless Steel Headpins, 50x0.6mm - http://goo.gl/O8M1UO

14 mm clear glass cover and platinum brass charm - http://goo.gl/kPVVR6
10 mm lobster clasp - http://goo.gl/MXpg6b
Green hexagon glitter
Glue or nail polish


1. Measure your hand, lay it flat on the table and measure from your knuckle and around the finger, from the knuckle until slightly above the wrist bone and around the wrist. A trick to make it easier is to tape washi tape to your hand and use it as a guide to cut the chain.

 Keep in mind that the measurements will be different depending on the style of bracelet.

2. To make the beaded part, if you are using headpins (you can also use wire) , cut the cap on the end, and create a loop instead. To do that, first bend the pin in a 90º angle and then use a plier to twist the end and create the loop. Choose the combination of beads you want to use and add that to the pin. Cut the excess and close it by creating another loop.

3. On the tape with the finger to wrist measurement, in the centre, mark the length of the beads. Since you'll also need to add a clasp mark the size of it on the tape as well.

4. Cut the rest of the chain, using the tape as a guide and put all the pieces together.

5. Try it on to see how it fits, and remove some of the chain links if necessary.

It makes it harder to attach but, I prefer the look of the bracelet without the jump rings so I removed them and attached the pieces again.


1. Fill the bottom of a metal charm with glitter, add a drop of transparent glue or nail polish to the cover and glue it on top of the glitter. Let it dry.

2. Measure your hand using the washi tape trick, for this bracelet, the chain that goes around the finger will connect with the charm at the centre of your hand, so make sure to adapt the measurements.

3. Cut the chain using the tape as a guide and remember to remove a bit of tape from the wrist part to fit the clasp.

4. Attach the pieces together using jump rings or just the chain, and add the clasp as well. Try it on to see how if fits and adjust if necessary.

5. Lay the bracelet on the table and cut two new pieces of chain measuring from the charm to each side of the closure part. Attach them to the previous piece.

Do you also like wearing slave bracelets, even with long sleeved shirts?
Which one is your favourite? 
Talk to you soon,


DIY Evil Eye Macramé Friendship Bracelets

You asked for it, so here it is. Even though it took a while, today's DIY is a macramé friendship bracelet.
These types of macramé bracelets are perfect to wear during the summer, mostly because they don't get ruined with water or sand, and also because they are super light, no one wants bulky jewelry on hot days.
The video bellow has all the steps, and I hope is easy enough to follow, but if you have any doubts, leave them in the comments and I will do my best to help you out.

3 pieces of waxed cotton cord with 80 cm, in whatever color you like (mine is the dark purple),
3 pieces of waxed cotton cord with 60 cm each ( my colors are blue, white and dark purple), glue, scissors and strong tape or a clipping board.

DIY Watercolor Pillowcase | Room Decor

I wanted to give a refreshed look to my not so pretty pillows without spending money and using supplies I already had at home, so I grabbed an old white sheet, some acrylic paints and after some tests I managed to recreate the watercolor effect that is such a big decor trend, on the cheap.


3 Pieces of white fabric with 45x45 cm, 35x45 cm and 25x45 cm
(these measurements may depend on the size of your pillow)
Acrylic or fabric paints
Sewing machine, hot glue gun or needle and thread 

Do you have any other cheap ways to give a new look to your decor?

Talk to you soon,

DIY Jar Necklaces + Supernatural Inspired

I've been wanting to make a supernatural inspired project for a while, not only because it's one of my favorite shows, well maybe that's the main reason why, but it also makes for a great themed jewelry.
While doing some tidying up of my supplies I also found the tall and skinny jar that I'm using for the salt necklace, sadly it was missing a lid, but I found an end cap on my local craft store that matches the size perfectly. Of course, I could not only make one necklace, so I also ended up making a glittery one.

If you made one of these what would you put inside?
Talk to you soon,