Craft adventures // DIY Quote T-shirt

This week I decided to take you with me on my most recent craft experiment, and instead of making a test version as I usually do, just went ahead and filmed as it went along. 
This is not the best-made t-shirt of all time because I have very limited sewing skills, but it is wearable and I'm proud of my first attempt. Maybe there will be more sewing projects in the future?

Have a great weekend,

Free Download // Hand Drawn Wreaths

Everyone is already wishing for spring to come already, but while it's still cold and a little gray, we will have to settle for these floral hand drawn wreaths. You can use them for pretty much everything, and in whatever size you need (since it is in vectors). As usual, the files are in ai, png and jpg.

If you use these on your blog, or if you made a cute card, leave the link below or send me a picture on Instagram #curlymade so I can check it out.


What freebies do you want me to make next?

No Sweat // 6 DIY Sweater Refashion

1. DIY Pearl Embellished Shoulders -
2. J.Crew-inspired Jeweled Raglan Sweatshirt -
3. Sweatshirt Refashion Knockoff -
4. Ombre Studded Shoulder Sweater -
5. DIY Star -
6. DIY Embellished Top - Cord Apliqué -

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DIY Fringe Trim // Sweater update

I got this sweater from my dad a couple of years ago, and it has been in my drawer without much use ever since, so I thought that adding a fringe trim would be the perfect way to give it a fresh new look. Problem was, I didn't had any in hand and if I ordered it online it would take some time to arrive, so my option was to try and figure out how to make one myself. And here's how you can quickly create fringe trim yourself.

You will need:
Sweater or any other thing you want to place the fringe on;
Glue, this might work even better if you have fabric glue;
Small strip of fabric;
Cotton Crochet Thread;
Old Headband or ribbon;
Needle and thread;
and a ruller.

Measure the place where you want the fringe to go, mine was 12 cm
Fold the fabric in half and cut a thin strip
With the fabric still folded measure, the 12 cm and cut the excess.

Apply a line of glue on half  the strip.

Get the thread and wrap it about 10 times around your fingers then slide it off your hand and glue it to the fabric.

Keep adding small bits of thread until you reach half of the strip.

Dab more glue on top of the thread and fold the rest of the fabric over.

Press it to secure everything in place, and when it's dry give it a cut.

Now that the fringe is ready, I'm gonna upcycle the headband to decorate and hide the white fabric.
Cut it with the same length as the trim or add a few centimeters on each side if you want to tuck it in the back.
Place it on top of the sweater just to make sure it's the right size, if it fits, get your needle and start sewing.

The glue does make the fabric hard to put the needle thru, so I found it easier and much neater to sew around the top and bottom of the ribbon leaving the fabric strip in the middle.
Secure your stitch with a knot on the inside and it's ready to wear.

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