Studded Sweater on Craft a Doodle Doo

I'm making a guest post on Craft a Doodle Doo, showing this simple and quick way to personalize your sweater, plus a tip on attaching studs. Head over to the blog to check it out.

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15 Paper Decorations to DIY this Christmas

CurlyMade - 15 Paper Decorations to DIY this Christmas #holidays #crafts #decor

Only 10 days until Christmas, are you ready for all the holiday cheer? I've put up my decorations at the beginning of the month, but for those of you who might be struggling with ideas or have not yet decorated your house, I've put together this round up of 15 paper decorations made out of paper. 

Also, I've created a small Christmas playlist that you can listen to while making some of these. 

Have fun!

Paper leaf garland from

Folded paper trees from

Paper Ball Ornaments from 

Gingerbread houses from

Origami Diamond Ornaments from

Paper trees from

Mix-N-Match Paper Tree from

Winter Feather Wreath from

Snowflake Ballerinas from

Paper Holly from

Tiny Origami Santa from

Modern Metallic Trees from

Gold Triangle Garland from

Cut and Fold Kirigami Snowflakes from

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