Color Block Nails // Nail Art Fail

First of all this DIY is a sort of nail art fail, and there are better ways to make the same design than the one shown on the pictures bellow, but I still wanted to share it anyway.

So the other day I was wondering what to paint o my nails and had this idea of a dark purple background with white stipes on top, but because not always what we imagine in our mind actually looks as good, the end result was a bit boring for my taste. What now? Taking it off would be too much of a waste, so why not add another color? 

That's what I ended up doing and I like the end result so much. It's one of my favorite nail designs that I've made so far. It would also look great with other color combinations, maybe orange with turquoise, which ones would you choose?

Do you have any craft fail project, that you ended up loving?
Talk to you soon,

6 Basket Ideas To Try

1. Fabric storage baskets // Minki's Work Table.
2. Storage Bin from a tote bag  // Kristi Murphy
3. Fabric Easter Basket // Tell Love And Chocolate
4. DIY Leather Basket // Keightly Studio
5. Recycled Denim Basket // Ohoh Blog
6. No-sew fabric rope Easter basket // The House That Lars Built

Keeping up with this week's project theme, here are 6 great ideas to try this weekend, I think my favorite is the denim one, which one is yours?

If you haven't seen this week's upcycled denim basket you can click here to see the tutorial.

Have a great weekend,

New items in the shop // Curly Store

For a while I've been working on new items to sell on my Etsy shop, and finally everything is ready, it does not seem to take a lot of time to get your shop up and running, but it really does. Between making the items, taking the pictures and all the photo editing I always ended up putting the store on the bottom of my to do list.

There are still more items to come, which are my favorites, that I will hopefully post in the next few weeks.

First of the items is the knotted leather necklace, that you probably already know, this is made with real leather cords, which make it more durable and the color will not peel off.

There is also a bracelet version of the necklace, with a leaver-back closure to make it easier to open a close the bracelet.

Again, another leather bracelet, made with real leather and metallic beads. It is adjustable in the back with a small piece of chain.

This headband is actually a return, I had this for sale when I first started the blog. It is made with up-cycled coffee capsules, and chiffon ribbon. A great way to be stylish and help the environment.

If you are interested in knowing more about the items you can click bellow to see it on Etsy.

Do you have any suggestions to improve my store? What is your favorite item?
Talk to you soon,

DIY Upcycled Denim Bucket

Hi everyone, I'm so pleased how this project turned out. It is one of my favorite kinds of projects, 1st it's super inexpensive, I didn't have to buy any materials to make this and 2nd its a way to recycle your old denim jeans. I had already turned these into shorts last summer and saved the rest of the fabric to do something with. 
This tutorial is the non-sewing version, but of course, you can sew it if you want.
I made a video tutorial of this project rather than the step-by-step pictures, I hope you don't mind, I really like to film and edit my videos. 

These little buckets turned out even more usefull than I first thought, I can put all the small stuff laying around in my desk. What do you think, would you make one? What would you put in it? Let me know in the comments.

Talk to you soon,

Top 5 DIY of the week

Super cute scalloped Ipad case -

DIY tube bead necklace from -, don't know why but I haven't visited this blog before, it actually has really awesome projects that you should check it out.

Adorable animal sweatshirt from

Since everyone is posting about holloween, I've discovered this creative wall display form

Quick and easy, this faux emeral ring made with fimo from

This post was made kind of in a hurry, sorry!  I'm editing a new tutorial that will be up on monday and almost forgot that I haven't posted the top 5 yet.

Please comment bellow wich diy is your favorite, I love to know your opinion.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend,

So Purrrfect // Free Cat Wallpapers

I'm so "purrrfect" you already know...
All the time it took me to make this wallpaper Fancy form Iggy was stuck in my head, and I know I've already posted cat wallpapers on the blog, but could not resist making new ones, they are too cute!

You can choose between black, white, coral or mint and it's available for iPhone and desktop. The files are in my google drive and you can download them by clicking on the button bellow.


Have a purrrfect Monday guys,

10 Alternative DIY Wall Decor Ideas

There are such interesting ways to decorate a space without using regular painted canvas, using a variety of materials and technics the possibilities are pretty much endless. So this week instead of the top 5 I searched the web for alternative decorations and found these inspiring ideas. Enjoy!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone,

DIY Seashell Wind Chime // Goodbye summer

I know this is probably not the best time to do this kind of project since summer is almost gone, but last week I went to the beach and there were so many of these shiny shells, I though to make a wind chime. Maybe I should call this a goodbye summer project, since the weather is not so good anymore.

You will need:
Twine / Branches / Scissors / Hot glue gun / Shells

This kind of shell brakes easily, and I didn't have an appropriate tool to make the hole, that's why I chose to glue the shells instead.
First you will need to knot a piece on twine to the branch, leave the length as long as you want it to be, mine was about 7cm.

The shells are light weight and you don't want it to drip so use a small amount of glue to attach the shell.

Keep adding rows of shells, you can make as many rows as you want depending on the size of your branch.

To finish of just tie another piece of twine on both ends of the branch.

I hope you enjoyed this goodbye summer project,
Talk to you soon,

Top 5 DIY of the week

These Crystal Paperweight are such fancy idea to give an original touch to your desk, although like Emma, I don't really see the use of a paperweight in my desk, it's already crowded enough x).

Really like this idea from Style me Pretty, you don't have to be an artist to create this ombre canvas, and if you don't want to use linen, you can also make a similar effect painting stripes with acrylic paint.

Also home related I found this fun idea on pinterest, that would be really easy to diy with spray paint.

Can you belive these earrings are made of popsicle sticks? Learn how to make them at

I would love to display my paintbrushes in such a stylish way like this, the project was created by Natalie at

Have a great weekend,