DIY Matte Nails using steam

Recently I read somewhere that you could make your nail polish appear matte using water steam, I wasn't totally convinced and decided to try for myself.

To try this method you will only need:
- nail polish
- hot water

I first started by heating water in the microwave, I heated mine for 2 minutes in the maximum level, you can also use the stove if you prefer. The water needs to be hot enough to produce steam.

Next,I painted a thick coat of my dark purple nail polish on all my nails, and put them near the steaming water.

(sorry for the unfocused picture)

Be careful not to burn yourself  and don't leave the nails near the steam for too long, or tiny condensation drops will start forming.

This is the end result, it is not the most neat and perfect looking manicure, in some parts you can see darker and lighter spots, but it is still ok if you want to use it as a base coat and make decorations, or clear nail polish details on top.

What do you think of this method would you use it?

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Free "Live Happily" wallpaper

Hi everyone,
today I bring you this cute wallpaper to decorate your iPhone or computer.

To download the wallpaper all you have to do is click on the images and choose the "save image as..." option.

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Top 5 DIY of the week

Hi everyone,
sorry if you were expecting the top DIY's in the previous week, but like I said in the previous post I didn't had time.
But this week I planed ahead and prepared the post earlier.

So here is this week's top 5:

I found this image on google, and tried to discover the source but couldn't find it. If anyone knows who made this leave the blog name in the comments.

This adorable cat ears turban is from: and you can see the step by step here or the youtube video here.

I've been interested in learning more about sewing  and was searching on pinterest for tutorials when I came across this wrap dress from a blog called schwurlie.
Make sure to check it out the author has a really unique style and is very creative.
Click here for the tutorial.

You may already have seen this tutorial on pinterest like I did some time ago, but i've never actually read it till this week, it may seem simple, but to make this clutch you have to follow a lot of steps to make it look as great as the picture.

Toturial here:

If you want something simple and easy, you can make this rose patch necklace from

I hope you like this week's DIY's as much as I did.
Talk to you next time,

DIY Recycled Wine Cork Necklace

I made this recycled necklace without spending any money, used some old materials that I already had and a simple upcycled cork.

- 1 Cork;
- 1 Large bead;
- Black nail polish;
- Pencil;
- Satin necklace thread;
- I used my electric drill to make a small hole, but you can use something else at your disposal;
- Gold relief outliner.

1 - Start by cutting the sides of the cork, making a rectangular shape;
2 - Using the black nail polish paint the entire surface of the cork and let it dry;
3 - With the relief outliner draw the arrow shapes;
4 - Because my bead was not black I painted it while the relief outliner was drying;
5 - When everything is completely dry, make the whole where the string will pass;
6 - Pass one end of the thread trough the hole you just made and both ends trough the bead.

Watch the step by step video:

I hope you enjoyed this, let me know your thoughts in the comments.
Talk to you soon, 

Blog Restyle

Hi everyone,

As you might already have noticed, I am redesigning the blog, I am almost going crazy with this weird html codes, but anyway I just want to let you know that you might see some layout and design changes over the next few days.

I am thinking about maybe making a tutorial on how to make custom buttons for your blog, let me know if you would like that.

Also now Curly Made has a twitter WHOWHOO!!
I have just created it today so it doesn't have any tweets yet but you can start following and tweet me things :)

This is the link:

Share your thoughts on this new design, or if you have any improvement ideas in the comments.

Talk to you soon,

Top 5 DIY of the week

Hi everyone, 

I hope you all had a great week full of creativity.
It's time for my favorite diy's of the week again and they all look amaizing.

This cardigan tutorial is from "SecretLifeOfaBioNerd " to go to her youtube channel click here.

Also a fashion DIY I found this edgy t-shirt restyle, the instructions are not in english but you can still understand the steps with the pictures. Click here to see the post.

Learn how to paint these bowls using ceramic paint on 

3 Valentine's Day wrapping ideas, easy to make and handy if you dont have gift wraping paper.

My favorite one is the ombre wrapping paper. Click here to see the post.

Lastly I found this simple and adorable lace bow tutorial on pinterest.

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Ampersand watercolor

Hi everyone,

Yesterday, I decided to paint watercolors with my little sister and teach her how to use them.
While she was entertained painting her coloring sheets I painted a rainbow ampersand and took some photos to show you how to make one as well.

1 - Click here to get the ampersand shape and print it;
2 - Using a pen or a pencil trace the shape onto the watercolor paper;
3 - With the watercolors start by painting the one of the edges, I started with the blue color and then move on to the other colors.

I hope you liked this,
Talk to you tomorrow with the favorites of the week,


Top 5 DIY of the week

Found the instructions on how to make this adorable bow pillow on kate spade blog.
Click here.

Also a pillow this cute and simple idea is from:
Click here to see the tutorial.

I found this pencil case in craftgawker, and it led me to this adorable blog called Vanilla Craft Blog, it has a lot of creative and simple projects with step-by-step instructions.
Click here to visit.

I don't know why, but now I am kind of obsessed about recycling jars, maybe this will be my next project.
Image from pinterest.

Also, I discovered this black lace collar on Love Maegan Blog, she also teaches how to make other styles but I love the vintage feel on this one.
Toturial here.

If you have an original and creative DIY you want to share with me leave the link in the comments so I can check it out.

Have a nice week,