Studded Sweater on Craft a Doodle Doo

I'm making a guest post on Craft a Doodle Doo, showing this simple and quick way to personalize your sweater, plus a tip on attaching studs. Head over to the blog to check it out.

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15 Paper Decorations to DIY this Christmas

CurlyMade - 15 Paper Decorations to DIY this Christmas #holidays #crafts #decor

Only 10 days until Christmas, are you ready for all the holiday cheer? I've put up my decorations at the beginning of the month, but for those of you who might be struggling with ideas or have not yet decorated your house, I've put together this round up of 15 paper decorations made out of paper. 

Also, I've created a small Christmas playlist that you can listen to while making some of these. 

Have fun!

Paper leaf garland from

Folded paper trees from

Paper Ball Ornaments from 

Gingerbread houses from

Origami Diamond Ornaments from

Paper trees from

Mix-N-Match Paper Tree from

Winter Feather Wreath from

Snowflake Ballerinas from

Paper Holly from

Tiny Origami Santa from

Modern Metallic Trees from

Gold Triangle Garland from

Cut and Fold Kirigami Snowflakes from

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Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags

One of the things I like about Christmas is gifting, I love to pick out or make special things to offer to my friends and family, and wrapping it in the best way possible.

I have this dark green recycled paper that is one of my favorites at the moment, and wanted the tags to stand out against the color, so I went with this light greyish color, complementing with a red satin ribbon.

The files are in jpg, png and pdf and as usual, to download you just have to click on the button at the bottom of the page and it will open a google drive folder with all the files.


Have you done much Christmas shopping yet?
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DIY around the world // Thanks I made it

If you follow Erin on Thanks I made it, you probably already know about this, if not where have you been?? go follow her right know, her diy's are always amazing.

That said, I was so excited when she asked me to participate on her DIY around the world series and the interview is up on her blog today.

Also, I want to say thank you, to the oh so nice shop owners that let me snoop around in their stores while taking some pictures for the post.

Costureta & Converseta store in Lagos
Make Biju in Portimão

I hope you like the interview.
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Free Watercolor Social Media Icons // Blog Restyle

I love the watercolor look on everything, and these icons are no exception, they turned out so great, that I'm considering replacing the ones I currently have for these.
Feel free to use them on your blog, but do not redistribute or sell and if you want to share, link back to the blog. The files are in jpg, png and psd (photoshop). As always, to download click the button bellow and you will be redirected to my google drive folder.

Don't know how to instal these? Don't worry, you can read my previous blog post: How to add social media icons to your blog


If you use these icons on your blog, send me a link so I can check it out.
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How to add social media icons to your blog // Blog Restyle

Hi everyone, a reader asked me for tips to personalize a blog, one of them is the social media icons. Most of  the icons and links you see on the web are not that hard to install as it seems, so here is how you can add your own icons on the blogger side bar.

1. First step is to personalize your icons, decide what size you want the icons to be, and what colors are best fitted for your blog. When you're done, save the images separately in your computer.

2.Upload your images to a photo hosting site like photobucket, flickr or tinypic.

3. Go to your blogger site and open the layout section, select add a widget, and choose HTML/JavaScript. 

4. Copy this code: <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="http://imageurlhere.png" border="0"/></a> and paste it in the widget window, put the link to you social media where it says linkgoeshere, and the image url where it says imageurlhere.

If you can't find the image url, in most sites the link is near the picture if not, try searching in the share section

5. Do the same steps for the rest of your icons and test to see if everything is working properly.

Not that hard right? This post is a preparation for my next freebie that will be published on Monday, and I really like how it is turning out. Come back then if you're in a need for new icons.

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DIY 5 Different Square Knot Bracelets

Yay!! I've finally finished the largest video I've ever edited. I've filmed the process for all this bracelets and ended up with so much media that it didn't even fit my poor 16 gb card. Of course, I had to cut most parts off, otherwise this video would be super long.

This was also my first time filming myself, like I said in the video, I'm not used to it and it feels a bit weird talking to a camera, also on top of that speaking in English. So if you don't understand what the heck I'm saying at some point, blame the accent, not me.

How to make a Square Knot- see this post first if you don't know how to make the knot.

You will need:
1st Bracelet
Materials: 50 cm and 1.50 meters of black waxed cord // Studded Beads // Small Golden Beads // Glue or Nail polish.

2nd Bracelet
Materials:50 cm and 1.50 meters of white waxed cord // Small beads // Glue or nail polish

3rd Bracelet
Materials:3x50cm and 2x80cm of black waxed cord // Small Golden Beads // Glue or Nail polish

4th Bracelet
Materials:50cm and 1.50m of white waxed cord // Small beads in 2 different colors // Glue or Nail polish

5th Bracelet
Materials: 50cm and 1.50m of black waxed cord // Blue Round Beads // Small beads // Glue or Nail polish

What's your favorite bracelet?
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Free Quote Printable // A day without sunshine...

Hi everyone, I've found this Steve Martin quote while browsing on Goodreads and thought it would be fun to make a print out of it. The file is in A3 format, but you can also print it in a smaller size if you want. To make the download, just click on the button bellow, enjoy!


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Top 5 DIY of the week // 25.10.2014

These folders make me wish I had some leather in hand -

Stylish and simple double pearl earings -

Such a clever idea: DIY Wooden and leather box -

Love this wall decor idea -

If I ever attempted to make this rainbow soap, it would end up being a total mess, but it just looks so pretty -

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