DIY New Year's nails

Hi everyone, New Year is in a few days so I thought I would do quick and easy nail art DIY for New Years day.

You will need:

-black and silver nail polish;
-nail art paint brush or a tooth pick.


  1. Paint two coats with the black and the silver nail polish;
  2. In the black nails, with the nail art brush or a tooth pick, make the "fireworks" shape starting from the center.
  3. Using the nail art brush write 2014 in your silver nail.
  4. Apply a top coat of clear nail polish if you want to.

DIY Winter Nails

Hi everyone, today I bring you a nail art DIY, to make your nails fabulous for the holidays.

You will need:
  • Purple, Blue and Clear nail polish;
  • White nail polish with a precision brush ( you can use a nail art brush or a toothpick);
  • Scotch tape (or other kind of tape, to cover your fingers);
  • And a piece of sponge.


  1. Paint one coat with the blue nail polish;
  2. If you want, cover the skin around your nail with the tape;
  3. Make two stripes with the nail polish on the sponge, one blue and the other purple and pressure the sponge in the nail;
  4. Now you can start drawing the snowflake.

DIY Branch Jewelry Holder

Hi everyone, today I bring you a nature inspired DIY.
I've been on the lookout for a nice jewelry holder for a while but most of them were quite expensive for something so simple, so I put my hands to work and made my own using a recycled jar lid and some tree branches.

  • tree branches;
  • recycled jar lid;
  • air dry clay;
  • hand pruner to cut the branches;

  1. Fill the jar lid with the air dry clay;
  2. Place the branches in the center of the lid;
  3. To cover the clay, cut some branches using the hand pruner, with different sizes and shapes;
  4. Place the cut pieces in the clay, doing a bit of pressure and let it dry ( if the pieces aren't firmly attached use some white glue to hold them ) 

Free Printable Last Minute Decoration

I wanted to start training digital painting, and thought since it's Christmas i would make a Santa to print and put on my tree and share with my readers. This would be great to make with kids, using the scissors to cut around the shape, and is also cheep since you can print it at home.

I printed mine in a glossy 240 g/m paper, if you don't have a similar paper you can print it in a regular sheet of paper at glue it to a cardboard.

To hold it to the tree I just used some mini wood pegs.

(click on the image to zoom and save it intro your computer)

If you liked this feel free to comment, pin it and share it :)

DIY Christmas Decorations

Hi everyone, I am getting ready for Christmas and my best friend sent me a  DIY on Pinterest of some simple snowflakes, made with ice cream sticks, and I decided to make my own. I don't know who first created these, if you do please tell me in the comments.


  • ice cream sticks
  • hot glue
  • red paint
  • paint brush
  • ribbon
1- I started by laying out the sticks to make sure the shape was as I wanted.
2- Using the hot glue gun, I glued the sticks together.
3- I chose a darker red to paint the snowflakes, make sure to paint between the pieces.
4- When everything is dry, make a small bow with some ribbon in whatever color you want, mine is silver and hot glue it to the snowflake.

If you want to buy Christmas Ornaments Bradford Exchange has the most beautifull hand crafted pieces, you can choose from a big range of themes including disney, how cute! Definitely worth checking out. 

Talk to you soon,

Recycled necklace pendant - tutorial

 (click to enlarge)

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